BIZDEMO international is committed to developing and expanding licensing projects in a highly professional, creative and high quality environment. With its global expansion capability, BIZDEMO international is making every effort to innovate and meet new challenges.

  • Head office in Shanghai of China
  • Branch offices in New York of the U.S., London of England, Paris of France, Seoul of Korea, Delhi of India, Milan of Italy
  • Representing some of the best brands in the world
  • 16 Years of licensing experience and over 30 Years in fashion industry
  • Unrivaled expertise in Brand Licensing
  • International Designer Team and Branding Team
  • Pioneers of E-commerce linked brand licensing
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  • 国ڸ国纽约国伦ģ国韩国尔, ڷ兰Դ办处
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  • 16Ҵ专业权经验30Ҵ时尚业经验
  • 权专业
  • 来国际设计师团队摄团队